• Replicates the body’s natural defence systems to kill ALL known bacteria, spores and viruses.
  • Is proven to be many times more effective than any NaOCI product .
  • Delivers an ‘instant kill’ sanitising, sterilising and protecting to rapidly eliminate risk and enhance health and safety.
  • Drastically simplifies cleaning regimes and reduces downtime (especially as there is no need to rinse or pre-heat machinery) in a wide range of commercial environments, enhancing productivity and profitability.
  • Is completely non-harmful to humans, animals and plant life; it can be ingested, sprayed directly on to food and used to purify water tanks.
  • Has no COSHH requirements for storage, handling or disposal so provide safer, more pleasant working and living environments.
  • Is non-corrosive and has no alcohol, smell, taste, taint or irritancy; it is also non-flammable.
  • Greatly reduces chemical harm to the environment while saving energy and water, up to 80% of which can be recycled or disposed of in the usual drainage ways.
  • Complies to all the most stringent international regulatory requirements, you can find a complete list of accreditations here.
  • Is highly flexible and versatile being available as a liquid, gel, spray and wipes – making it easy to apply in any situation and across a wide variety of private and public sector applications.
  • Offers demonstrable cost efficiency through competitive pricing and money saved from less downtime, less waste and less product spoiling.

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